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Lots of us are just getting up to here's a quick recap of what we know:

  1. we cannot transfer deeds to a business, it has to be an individual

  2. we cannot create a rental pool

  3. there is no exit team who can get you out of your contract that we've found

  4. Wyndham's Ovation program is not open to us

  5. we cannot "will" it to Wyndham (or anyone else we hate!)

  6. Wyndham is not the one pursuing collections and small claims court....our board of directors is

  7. we have an owner list...finally...but only a select few are allowed access at this time

  8. we have written to the media/government, etc. but keep trying

  9. 66-2/3% is the number needed to make changes to the timeshare agreement

  10. we have proof in this group that second generations ARE inheriting this mess

  11. you WILL be taken to collections and incur late fees if you don't pay your fees

  12. the resort is in a huge financial crisis

  13. our delinquencies are about 20%

  14. don't expect any money back....if we get an exit for free, we WIN.


Here's what we can all means vent about how we were lied to and scammed. Then try to move on!


Personally, I will take my vacation memories and happily move on and still feel like it was a good ride. We've used and enjoyed our timeshare. And in different circumstances, we would continue to. Unfortunately (again, we can play the blame game but why?), CH/CR is no longer viable as a timeshare.


I know it's not a fun read, but our agreements and by-laws are posted here.