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CHCR General Questionnaire

By Chantal Desjardins

Many of our members/owners are asking questions in our Facebook group and by email and wonder how other members feel about the events of the past several weeks.

Your Facebook group moderators have prepared a questionnaire/survey to get your feedback and thoughts about the appointment of BDO as administrator of our resorts as well as the most frequently asked questions on both sides of the issues. We hope you will find the questionnaire to be informative as well as offering an opportunity for both "exiters" and "stayers" to express themselves freely. Note that this questionnaire is voluntary and NOT an "official" survey by the CH & CR boards.

We will make your answers (anonymously) available to the members of the Consultative Committee (CC) during the week of June 21st, and at the same time, publish the cumulative results for everyone here in a blog, as well as on Facebook. Do you have some "out-of-the-box" suggestions? Do you want to go beyond a "yes-no" or quantitative answer? We'll provide your long-form comments to the CC as well as the data.

Please take the time to express yourself and help us understand what we all, as a collective, think about exit, restructuring, the financial situation of the resorts and more!

The questionnaire is found here

Join the conversation! Visit our Facebook group at:

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