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Voting Shouldn't be So Hard...

by Chantal Desjardins

11:59 pm on August 31st was the voting deadline for those who wished to exit in the "first round". Exiting in the first round meant that the owner would NOT pay maintenance fees this fall and would only pay the "exit" fee as set out by BDO.

Due to the high volume of problems & delayed responses reported in our Facebook group, CHCR Owners Group is concerned that many owners may not have been able to exercise their right to vote in a timely manner. To have even one person who signalled a problem and did not get their response in time is unacceptable.

Did you receive your ballot? Did you receive a ballot for each of your intervals. Was it correct? If you did NOT receive it or did not receive a correction - even though you made the request, we would encourage you to complete our log of owners who wished to exit in the first round of voting but did not receive a ballot that allowed them to do so. This log is only for owners who were aware of the deadline to vote, took measures to get their ballots and were unable to vote because they did not get them back in time.

We will follow up by email with BDO and encourage them to fulfill their responsibility and provide a ballot for anyone who previously requested one but did not get it on time to vote.

Please complete the form here: if you did not get your ballot in time to complete and return it before the deadline.

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