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Problems, we've got Problems...

by Chantal Desjardins

The "Exit" survey was sent by BDO on July 17th. Instructions on how to complete the survey and a lengthy FAQ about SVC & points were posted to their website a few days later, on July 20th.

This is a request specifically to owners who have not received their survey or who have encountered problems as to the accuracy of the information they received on their ballots.

Many, many owners have reported not receiving the survey email, receiving the wrong information on their ballots, or have contacted BDO with no resolution as of yet. Due to the large number of reported problems in our Facebook group, ( we have decided to take an inventory of all the issues and send them on to BDO in an organized manner (a form) so that they can deal with the issues.

No owner should have to pay extra to exit in the second opportunity (which requires the payment of the 2021 maintenance fees PLUS the Exit Fee) just because they did not receive their ballot/s, with the correct information on them, in time for the August 31 deadline.

If you encountered problems in this survey process and feel that the difficulty in ballots being delivered, the errors on ballots, and the delay in receiving a satisfactory response, make you concerned about obtaining an accurate vote result - please complete this form.

We hope you will help by participating in this inventory of all the owners affected by problems in this survey process. This inventory will ensure that we have on record, a sampling of the type of problems, who they occurred to, and allow us to somewhat quantify the number of problems encountered so that this information for use in the next court appearance, if so required.

Complete our inventory of problems form here:

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