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The Official BDO Survey has Been Sent...

By Chantal Desjardins

This is a special message to advise all owners and in particular, those owners not in our Facebook group, that the survey was emailed on Friday, July 17th, to those who had provided an email to Carriage Hills, Carriage Ridge, Equiant (the billing company) and to BDO (according to what BDO has communicated on their site). For those with no email, a paper copy has been mailed to the last postal address on file. One email (or postal ballot) should be received for each resort if you own at both.

The email comes from: and has the subject: CARRIAGE HILLS (OR RIDGE) MEMBER SURVEY

Many owners in our Facebook group have reported a number of omissions and errors in the execution of this mailing/survey.

Owners have reported the following:

  • no email received (ensure you check your spam)

  • email received for one resort but not the other (when both are owned)

  • error on the ballot as to the number or type of unit/s owned

  • ballot received for wrong resort (ie: owner at Ridge receiving ballot for Hills)

The survey does not have to be returned until August 31, so if you have a problem to resolve, there is still time to do so if you act promptly.

If you have not received the email or have errors on your ballot/s please contact BDO at these emails:

For Carriage Hills:

For Carriage Ridge:

We suggest "cc'ing" your board president as well:

For Carriage Hills:

For Carriage Ridge:

Delinquencies: a number of owners have reported receiving an email meant for delinquent owners (earlier this week) even though they are NOT delinquent.

  • some have a very small amount on record with Equiant (ex: $20) which could be a late fee that they were unaware of

  • some have NO outstanding amount and still got the message

  • if you received an email or postal letter meant for delinquents, you WILL NOT receive the survey until your status as a fully-paid-up owner is confirmed with BDO

We suggest checking with Equiant first (I do not have their info, please check a past statement) and then contacting the emails above once your status has been "corrected/verified" with Equiant, or if you have other questions/concerns.

One last request - please do not address your questions to me using our website email:

I am unable to resolve your problem and am also unable to answer the large volume of emails, some with very long & complicated questions, sent to our website. I am not a retiree and work full-time making this additional work unfeasible for me.

Therefore, please address your questions and concerns to the persons whose task it is to work for all of us in this process - BDO and our board presidents.

The BDO website, which contains all communications to owners is found here:

Best wishes to all and we sincerely hope that any and all issues reported to BDO and our board presidents are dealt with promptly and accurately.

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