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by Cheryl Chaytor

WARNING: There are no legitimate exit teams or third-party that can relieve you of your timeshare obligations. Carriage Hills and Carriage Ridge transfers are denied routinely if there is any doubt to the legitimacy of the new owner. A requested transfer to an LLC is automatically denied. If you visit another resort and they say they will "take Carriage Hills off your hands" if you buy into theirs, they won't and can't. The problem with either of those scenarios is that you will not know that the transfer is denied until it's too late. After you've given them upfront fees to list your unit, they are finished with you. Many of our owners have lost money this way. Regardless of how convincing they sound, and how logical their plan seems, they are not being truthful. Many of the original timeshare salespeople are now working for these companies. They know how to talk convincingly!

If you want to read discussion on some of the names and players, you can go to "popular topics in posts" and "exit" in our Facebook group. 

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