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Very Important Update for CH & CR Owners - Court Proceeding May 15

Updated: May 14, 2020

By Chantal Desjardins

Fellow Owners,

As many of you now know, the Carriage Hills (CH) and Carriage Ridge (CR) Boards of Directors have filed a Motion in court to have BDO Canada installed as Administrator to help the Boards with a number of financial and restructuring matters.

Karen Levins and others have been keeping you updated in our Facebook group and on our website through the Blog so that those of you who were unaware of the upcoming court date, now know that this important event is scheduled for May 15th, 2:00pm via Zoom Online Meetings, currently at this link: Should this change, we will re-post here and in the Facebook group.

We would ask that as many owners as possible be virtually present at this hearing so that the weight of our concern is fully demonstrated to the court.

Why is your support so important? We count upon it in order to demonstrate to the court that many owners are deeply concerned about obtaining a fair exit from their ownership at CH and CR and that the restructuring of the resorts must prioritize due consideration to the interests of those wishing to exit - before the restructuring of the resorts for those who wish to stay.

If you share our concerns as expressed by Karen in her most recent blogs, and agree with the above statement, upon the request of our legal counsel at Blaney McMurtry, we ask you to please submit the form at the link below, to confirm that you agree with the views of Karen Levins, Lori Faber-Smith and Bruce Fleming as well as with the steps taken by them for the court hearing on Friday, May 15, 2020. Our legal counsel will be paid using the funds already collected in the current GoFundMe campaign. No payment is needed to show your support.

Please submit your confirmation of support click here

(or: as soon as possible!

To get up to the minute information about developments as we learn about them, join us in our Facebook group at:

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