Scam Warnings!!!

Exit Companies - Never Pay Up Front

A sure sign that ANY exit scheme is a scam is that you are asked to pay a substantial amount of money BEFORE your timeshare is ever sold.


Even if you love your timeshare, anything you buy that is hard to ever sell is not a valid product in a market. There should be a market both to buy and sell something. Timeshares, sadly, are good on the buying side — you can buy them very easily — but they’re bad on the selling side. They’re almost impossible to get rid of, even if you’re trying to pay somebody to take it.

Timeshare exit companies charge you huge fees up front and say they’re going to get you out of your timeshare, guaranteed. The only guarantee is that you’ve paid them big money up front — often with no results — and you’re still obligated to that timeshare.

Some timeshares offer to take your unwanted timeshare in exchange for buying a "new", more "attractive" timeshare - know that this is a SCAM as well! You will purchase the new timeshare and within a very short time discover that you still own the original one - so - DON'T BE TEMPTED!