Thanks to Cheryl Chaytor for providing this info

2 ways to book vacations







I always see if I can use an SVC resort first to avoid extra fees…. although that doesn’t always mean a better deal

Shell Vacations Club Resorts

  1. Log into SVC

  2. On left hand side under “Reservations”, click “point and play”

  3. Search by resort, click resort you want

  4. Enter dates and room size. Click “flexible” on both for the most options

  5. Inventory availability will appear. If you can avoid booking Friday/Saturday night through SVC it will be a cost savings as they greatly increase the point value for those nights

  6. If there are not enough points in the account for the desired booking, there is the option to borrow from next use year or rent points (rental points are in USD)


  1. Under “Reservations” you’ll find “External Exchange”. 

  2. Click the green “book with RCI today” button

  3. Agree to the terms and conditions

  4. At top under “Search for RCI Vacations”, click “Exchange Vacations”

  5. Click desired location at left sidebar 

  6. Click desired month

  7. There are many filters you can chose to make your search more specific

  8. If in doubt what you are looking at, go to “how you got here” and that’ll tell you where, when and what filters you’ve applied. You can uncheck them if you’d like to change your search



  1. There are a lot of All-Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico that, in my opinion (and others), are not good value because they come with a hefty daily fee. If you wish to filter those out, click on “all-inclusive not required”. St. Maarten is one of the nicer islands that doesn’t require all inclusive.

  2. Many resorts now charge a (in my opinion) completely bogus “resort fee”. They will have to disclose before booking. In fact, many hotels do now too. We think we found a “great deal” in New York City, then they add $200 on for resort fees!

  3. In the Caribbean is it very common to pay a utility surcharge. I have gotten great deals on resorts in the Caribbean so I don’t mind the extra fee at all.

  4. RCI points are the same as SVC points value-wise. All things similar, go with SVC to avoid an exchange and guest certificate fee. Although, it still may be “cheaper” to go through RCI.

  5. This new RCI (Jan 1/2019) has a lot of partial week stays. It’s great for flexibility but not so great for clutter. For example, even looking at November, there were places in Aruba that could only be booked for the weekend! Also, stays shorter than 6 nights may incur a housekeeping fee.