Fireside Chat with Irene Parker (interviewed by Karen Levins)
Oct 20, 2019

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TARDA - the new timeshare advocacy group
Oct 27, 2019
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Commentary on Orlando Sentinel Article  
Oct 27, 2019 by Karen Levins 


Dear Mr. Gamel,

I read your recent commentary in the Orlando Sentinel (linked below).

You're kidding, right?

You say in your commentary that "The timeshare industry understands life circumstances can change after making a purchase and there are programs in place to assist those customers who wish to conclude their membership by working directly with their homeowners association or developer."

Specifically, what "programs" are you referring to for owners at WYNDHAM's Carriage Hills timeshare property in Ontario Canada?

Think carefully and please do your homework before you direct us to your ResponsibleExit website. I've already "been there, done that". And after spending a lot of time trying to figure out how our Wyndham Shell Vacations Owners in need are supposed to apply ARDA's ResponsibleExit solution to their 'life circumstances', I have been told by Wyndham staff, that Wyndham is denying its Carriage timeshare Owners from accessing its Responsible Exit option, namely the "Wyndham's Ovations" program.

So what reliable and useful advice do you have for us, Mr. Gamel? I see from your LinkedIn profile that for 5 years you served as a 'trusted counselor and partner to various business departments and a leader in the legal department' at Wyndham Destinations. When you combine that experience with your current role as President and CEO of ARDA, I'm really hoping that this robust experience makes you uniquely and perfectly qualified to help us owners at Wyndham's Carriage Resort with our need to transition out of timeshare ownership.

If you are saying that industry reform is not needed because Developers offer ResponsibleExit options, how exactly do you explain the dilemma faced by us Wyndham timeshare owners at Carriage resorts?

What exactly are you 'urging' for us, Mr. Gamel?

We may be 'nice' Canadian, but we won't accept a reply of "Sorry, eh?".

Thank you in advance for what I hope is a productive and prompt reply.

Kindest regards,
Karen Levins